abany bauer | calligraphy + paper design, floral + event design


“Shanna Skidmore is a true “dream releaser” in every sense and nature of the word. 

As artists we dream constantly, and have hopes building and growing within our soul that are yearning to break free into the world and be known. It is our nature and is the way that we were created and intended to be from the beginning of time.

But sometimes those dreams become captive to our minds by overwhelming walls of doubt, fear, lack of knowledge - or in most cases, the simple lack of a “plan” to overcome these hurdles and release the dream.

Shanna’s heart and mind understands this pattern that the true artist encounters and seeks to release the dreams from the prisons we create in our mind. She listens intently and always always encourages - never ever demoralizes or dissuades from the dreams.

She then puts pen to paper and challenges you towards greater things, providing a plan and a clear path to uncover the rubble the dream hides within.

Whether you are just at the beginning of your journey and you don’t even know where to begin, or you are a seasoned veteran seeking to unlock the deeper visions and plans of your business and your soul - Shanna is your person. Get those dreams released, people!! Let’s change the world!!”

- Abany Bauer