After seven years in the financial world, I traded my three-inch high heels for rubber boots and flower buckets. Unsure of my calling, I just starting pursuing my curiosities. Little did I know I was about to discover exactly what I was meant to do all along. You see, I used to dream of taking women out for coffee and talking about life. I, of course, didn't realize that could be a real job! But when I started working with floral designer Amy Osaba in 2011, I realized there was a need in the creative industry that my skill-sets could solve. Overwork, Underpay, Spinning wheels.... and for what? No paycheck? No time off? A suffering home life?

I became an interventionist.

My husband says my creative genius is simplifying complicated things. I like that.

I saw a few simple (but not easy) steps had the power to TRANSFORM the story. I saw failing businesses start thriving in less than 12 months. I saw burned out creative professionals taking month-long sabbaticals in less than 12 months. I saw women feel proud of the money they were contributing to their household.

Now I teach those steps to as many creative entrepreneurs as I possibly can.





The Blueprint Model

The Blueprint Model is my signature program, my core philosophy, my secret sauce. It's business fundamentals every creative entrepreneur needs : a clear vision, how to manage time, learning to sift through #allthethings to focus on the really important things, financial management (yea.. how to actually read and understand your numbers so they help you make really important decisions in your business), understanding profit margin, and designing clear action steps that move your business forward. Think of it as a creative business "how to" -- How to create a profitable, sustainable business in 9-easy to follow steps. I boiled it down. I tested it. I boiled it down again. Then I made it available for you to go through at your own pace, as many times as you'd like, from the comfort of your own couch.



Blueprint Retreat

Blueprint Retreat launched in 2013 as a time to get out of your business to spend time working on your business. It's a time to jump off that speeding treadmill, to change the scenery and get real with what's going on. More than just a time away, its a time to dream and to plan. Because "a dream without a plan is just a wish", amirite?! Over the years I created a step-by-step annual planning + goal setting process that provides clarity and focus for the upcoming year. It's about intentionality. Focus. And seeing BIG DREAMS HAPPEN. This year I'm excited to announce a new chapter for Blueprint Retreat! In order to lead more of you through this process, Blueprint Retreat is being redesigned into a guide to annual planning. Think audio recordings, beautifully designed guided workbook + a "retreat in a box" ... Coming Fall 2017.


Pricing for Creatives

Is your scheduled overextended from all the "great opportunities" you said yes too? Do you look at your calendar and wonder if clients will ever pay full price? Do you cringe every time you send an emailed quote, almost apologizing for the price before they even have a chance to say no? In 2010 I started researching the top reasons why businesses fail... You know one of the number one reasons? Emotional pricing! Knowing the why behind your price is the first step to finding confidence in the price you charge. So in 2015 I partnered with If I Made to develop a online course all about pricing. I cover pricing styles, how to overcome emotional pricing as well as tackle some of those big questions we are all asking such as "should I list my pricing on my website?" If you've been updating your pricing guide for about a year and just can't seem to nail down the right amount for your packages .... this is the course for you! 


So you were hoping to work with me ONE-ON-ONE...

I totally get it. I used to do that. and I may do that again one day. Right now I find that the best way for me to EMPOWER YOU is to teach you how to do it yourself! That is just one of the many reasons I started transferring all of my training into online + product-based platforms. Now.. let me be clear. There are still ways to hang with me in person especially once you become a Blueprint alum (complete The Blueprint Model!). But the fastest way to hear from me + get updates is to get in the loop by adding your name to the list below!