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sadly it is rare, but once in a while an opportunity develops to meet someone influential, someone who turns you in the 'right' direction, someone who changes your outlook; that person is Shanna Skidmore. From long distance we corresponded, and at last were able to meet; within minutes I knew the uncertainty and apprehension associated with my business would fade. Shanna is the most optimistic, amiable person I have met in many years. Her talent to patiently listen, process years of personal data; then clearly, professionally give direction, suggestions, and guidance is invaluable and boundless. I departed with such enthusiasm and motivation I could not wait to start working! Shanna's personality and passion will change your life. - christine clark, floral design

Shanna's practical guidance has really set me on a much healthier and sustainable path for both my life and business... my family  has her to thank for helping me be more available and present! I needed someone to take my business seriously and help me think through my goals and how to attain them, which was exactly what Shanna did for me.  She listened to my scattered thoughts on what I want my life to look like and then help me see how that impacts my business decisions.  Instead of aimlessly saying "yes" to all sorts of business opportunities and then feeling burned out by overcommitting, Shanna helped me see what I want to say "yes" to and gave me a grid for understanding better business decisions in light of financial and personal goals.  I can't thank her enough for her help! -Kaitie Bryant, photographer

Many people dream of owning their own business in a creative field and when that dream comes true they often find themselves underprepared for the vast amount of other non-creative tasks that come along with their business. If you strive to own a successful business in a creative field but have difficulty keeping all of the other stressors in check then  Shanna Skidmore, LLC, will be your best friend! I am constantly amazed by her drive and skill for creative entrepreneurs. There are so many aspects to the job that are not what any creative entrepreneur signs up for... accounting and taxes to name a couple. Having someone who understands your vision and can help put the nuts and bolts in place, as well as keep you motivated to reach your goals, is absolutely life changing. Her passion is contagious and will change the way you look at the business side of things. - Rebekah Clark Moody, floral design

To say that Shanna has changed the way I do life is an understatement. She has reshaped the way I think about not only my finances and goals....but my dreams. My favorite thing that she has ever said to me is, "What's your biggest dream for the year?" When i said travel, knowing that she had seen how much money was in my bank account, and how much money i was projected to make, I thought she may laugh a little. But instead, she said, "Let's figure out a way to make that happen." And guess what, it did! I have never been more inspired to manage my money, or check off a goal than with working with Shanna. She has allowed me to dream, desire, and educate myself on how easy it is to do the things you love without having your business or bank account suffer. With all of that, she brings so much peace, and happiness into what could be a stressful conversation. I'm thankful she understood my creative + dreaming mind, that she taught me how to make goals, and how to believe that I myself could do them. - Morgan Blake, photographer

Shanna was the guiding voice that helped me through all the unknowns of running a business. Tax ID, resale license, business license, it was all foreign to me. I've been known to be quite the dreamer, but Shanna made me think realistically, helped me see the big picture, and showed me the path I needed to travel to get to my goals. Every time I get a new client I think about Shanna. She's extremely supportive and will be your biggest fan now matter how large or small your next project is. The one thing I can't thank Shanna more for is helping me layout what my talents and time are worth. Being a part of the Creative Class I think this is the hardest thing about our careers. We love our jobs so much, getting compensated fairly is the last thing we think about. We went through all my business and day-to-day expenses and laid out exactly what profit my business needed to survive.  Although it was nearly a year ago that she helped me, I feel like I could call Shanna any day and talk to her about my business. -Jamie Krywicki Wilson, Interior Design

Working with Shanna has been a joy and blessing for my business. Not only is she smart and financially savvy, but she understands the language of a creative business owner's heart and mind. As creatives, our thoughts often go a million miles a minute, and I personally run frequently into over-analysis paralysis, running in circles with little actual progress. Shanna has been a great sounding board and coach, listening intently to my musings and knowing when to interject with wisdom, encouragement and clarity. I first met Shanna when we were both contemplating launching our own businesses. My design studio, Gather & Co. was still just a dream, with little plan and a lot of hope. With Shanna's encouragement (along with the wonderful network of creative friends that I grew to know through her), I gained the courage to take the leap, knowing that I had planned carefully about this next step with her guidance. Before I made the leap, my husband and I promised ourselves that, while this business would certainly be a big part of our lives (of course), it was important for our personal life that we enlist outside artists and business professionals for advice, constructive criticism and checks and balances. Shanna has been that and more for me. She has been a wonderful coach and an even dearer friend. The only thing better than her awesome brain is her generous heart. - Julie DeWalt, graphic design

Shanna has been such an asset to my business.  Being a business owner means wearing numerous hats, and that can be quite overwhelming sometimes!  I struggled with managing my time between design, social media, administrative tasks, and just plain being creative.  Shanna gave me concrete action items that have helped me lay out a plan for my business to thrive in all of these areas.  She was also a wealth of knowledge regarding social media and how to make sure that I share an authentic version of Jenkins Rose and myself online.  She was open and honest with her feedback on my work, my pricing, and my behind the scenes happenings.  I feel like she made herself comfortable as a part of my TEAM and really pointed to the areas that could use some tweaking in order to build a sustainable business.  I can't wait to check in with her in 2015! - dondrea owens, paper goods

It was seeing the evidence of Shanna’s work with other businesses that initially led me to her. Now her influence seems to be everywhere I look, so I feel very fortunate to be counted among those businesses. The fact that she has work experience in the wedding industry means she comes to the table with a knowledge base that is invaluable and puts her over the top in my book. Having that combination of creativity and logic is a rare find, but ultimately essential to any successful creative endeavor. - Michelle Hodges, floral design

Before I worked with Shanna, I had ever-present anxiety about my business. I was constantly exploring backup options, because I was certain my business would fail. Shanna helped me find the intentional focus I needed to move my business forward with confidence and vision. She helped me explore what I really want for my life and business, and helped me draft attainable, realistic goals to get there. The time we spent exploring the finances of my business was invaluable; I no longer have to question how much I should pay myself, or whether or not I can pay myself at all. Now I have a better grasp on the finances of my business, and it has given me confidence and peace of mind so that I can spend my time creating and growing my business. The wisdom Shanna imparted was not anything I could have ever learned from a book or in school. She has truly transformed the way I think about my business, and I look toward the future now with excitement rather than dread and fear.  - Angie Webb, photographer + graphic design

Shanna Skidmore is truly the the left brain to my business.  When I launched my shop Yes Ma'am Paper + Goods I sort of knew the steps I needed to take in order to get all of my ducks in a row but no idea of how in the world to get there.  Meeting with Shanna not only filled in all of the blanks but she suggested brilliant ideas that I had never yet considered.  I would find myself saying "yes, of course" constantly in our meetings.  It just made sense!  It feels good, and is so invaluable, to collaborate with someone who can truly complete the parts of your business that are not necessarily your strengths.  It allowed me to focus on the parts I am good at, which is the part I really love.  And better yet, she makes a big effort to understand where you're coming from and tailor her vision to your own personal vision.  Never did I realize what I was missing out on before I met Shanna.  Thanks to her my business can achieve the balance of creative + savvy, and all of my future growth will be a product of the foundation she helped me lay.  I recommend Shanna whole-heartedly (and she's super sweet, total bonus).  xo  - erica loesing, paper goods

Where do I begin?! Shanna is a gift. A gift to all creative entrepreneurs. Rarely do you find someone who has a knack for all things business and is equally savvy in creative endeavors. She blends the two worlds flawlessly and it a joy to be around! Just as I was feeling overwhelmed and unbalanced, I discovered Shanna. She looked at my business from all angles and gave some of the best advice I've ever received. She will be your best investment. - Ann Evans, floral design