Can I get paid to do something I love?

Most creatives have asked it.. the ones who haven't feel it.

"Can I get paid to do something I love?"

"Can I charge people for something that comes so naturally for me?" "I would do this for free, I don't feel comfortable asking people to pay for it?"

Meredith was no different. She may have thought I was crazy the first time I told her she should sell her flower doodles. But through time and a lot of soul searching, this floral designer turned floral drawing artist learned that getting paid to do something you love is a definitely possible, and something to be celebrated (not hidden!) 


If you find yourself in a similar place as Meredith, wondering if you could really get paid to do something you love. Here are a few tips Meredith implemented to move her forward : 

1. (the most important step) She decided to give it a try! 

2. She started drawing more and offering those drawings to others. She posted images on instagram, she put up a simple website, she just started getting the drawings out there to see what would happen!

And guess what?! It happened!

3. She went from free, to charging a little bit, to a bit more, to a bit more. She didn't come out of the gate with it all figured out. She just took the next step.

Join me and other creatives over the next few weeks as we discuss questions we all are thinking, but often are too timid to ask out loud. Listen to other creative entrepreneurs as they've faced these questions, and how they've overcome them. Because, If She DID, you CAN! 

Photography courtesy of Rustic White Photography + Haley Sheffield Photography

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