If I slow down, will i lose momentum?

More, More, More.

Hustle, Hustle, Hustle.

Do you feel it? Are you scared to slow down? Does busy = success?

In 2014 I met a fun lady named, Hillary Butler, at Blueprint Retreat! A little secret Hillary shared with me was that she was pregnant, like very new pregnant, like still in the pregnant stage when you aren't telling people. I was honored she shared that with me. One of the very next things she shared was this question ... 

"If I slow down, will I lose momentum in my business?"

What season are you in? 

You see, even though many of us aren't willing to share it, most of us are scared of it. If I don't do #allthethings will my sales plummet? Will others forget about me? And as a soon-to-be mama, these aren't the questions you want to be thinking about!

What I love about Hillary, is that she had the courage to speak out what she wanted. And then created a plan to make that happen. 

If you, like Hillary, are in a season of slow down here are four tips to get together a really good plan :

1. (the most important step) How much time do you want to take off? What do you want that time to look like?

2. What bills will you need to pay during that time? What is "enough" to cover those bills?

3. How can you create those additional sales to cover your "enough" number to free you up financially to take that time off?

4. How will you keep your audience engaged during that off time? Will you pre-write newsletters? Will you go ahead and schedule blog posts or instagram posts? 

Join me and other creatives over the next few days as we discuss questions we all are thinking, but often are too timid to ask out loud. Listen to other creative entrepreneurs as they've faced these questions, and how they've overcome them. Because, If She DID, you CAN! 

To find more of Hillary's fine art goodness visit www.hillarybutler.com