Balance... What is that and can I get some?

With offices in New York, California and now Wyoming. A growing team of 8+ women. And one leader to head it all up... How do you manage all the things?

Teissia Treynet, founder of Firefly Events, is one big dreamer! A woman after my own heart! But as you can imagine, all these big dreams were coming at the expense of her health, her time and her bottom line.

Leaving her asking the question ...

Balance.... what is that and can I get some?  

"Now I get to choose my new ventures wisely, and move into them with a really strong foundation"

Teissia has been named a top wedding planner by Martha Stewart. Her company, Firefly Events, has planned weddings across the world, but what she comes back to more than anything is creating the foundation. The fundamentals. While saying "yes" to everything probably brought about some really cool opportunities, it left her exhausted. Ultimately it was unsustainable. 

Are you ready to create a business that lasts? 

Here are three essential elements to focus on this year : 

1. How much is "enough" for you. How many jobs, clients, sales to you really need in order to pay yourself, keep the doors open + bring happiness to your clients?

2. How much time do you want to spend on your business? What is a realistic work-load to fit into those hours? For real, what is realistic?! 

3. What needs to happen in order for your ideal work-load to mesh with your financial needs? If you cannot take on more projects, how can you get more profit from each job? 

It all comes back to the basics. Thats the thing... It doesn't take having 10k+ instagram followers, the perfect website and a flawless blogging schedule. It doesn't even take unlimited inquiries or $5,000 starting budgets. ALL IT TAKES are a FEW BASICS, (yes basics! fundamentals!) to start seeing extra money in your bank account. To stop feeling like you're drowning. To feel like, for once, you are ahead of the game instead of just barely holding your head above water.

That is exactly why I'm kicking off a five day challenge starting January 2nd, to simplify #allthethings and focus on the few essential things. Join me because I'm #bringingbasicsback. Yea?!