Can a creative business financially support my family, really?

Tired of never seeing the number in your bank account go up?  Tired of never seeing the financial fruits of all your labor? 

Stuck wondering can a creative business really financially support my family? 

In an industry known for its high costs, floral designer Meredith Speer is answering that question with a resounding, YES! It can! 

"This year my income surpassed my husbands, it just had too. We absolutely rely on it, 100%.  If I do not pay myself we do not pay all of our bills."

"The reason I'm able to do that is because I price myself according whats fair for the product and my time. I stick to a really strong budget for each job."

It all comes back to the basics. Thats the thing... It doesn't take having 10k+ instagram followers, the perfect website and a flawless blogging schedule. It doesn't even take unlimited inquiries or $5,000 starting budgets. ALL IT TAKES are a FEW BASICS, (yes basics! fundamentals!) to start seeing extra money in your bank account. To stop feeling like you're drowning. To feel like, for once, you are ahead of the game instead of just barely holding your head above water.

That is exactly why I'm kicking off a five day challenge starting January 2nd, to simplify #allthethings and focus on the few essential things. Join me because I'm #bringingbasicsback. Yea?!