A look ahead ... 2017 Planning.

Think of this less as goal-setting and more as intentional planning. I truly believe we are capable of SO MUCH more than we could even imagine if we learn one simple concept - FOCUS. 


So this year I don't want to say goals, I want to say PLANS. I set plans in three categories : Personal, Professional and Financial. And three FOCUS action steps that are milestones for success. These FOCUS steps should be something I can check off a list - so measurable. A "yes or no" to the question "did I do that?". No feelings here. Actions. 


1. Feel Excellent in my own skin

- Get Active 5xs a week

- Continue Capsule Wardrobe

- Complete Whole 30 in February

2. Be present in relationships

- Weekly date night with Kyle. No Cell phone.

- Dinner at table 3xs a week

- 30 minute face-time on weekdays - going for walk, playing tennis, card game. 

3. Deepen walk with the Lord

- atleast 30 minutes of quiet time on weekdays

- memorize one scripture verse a week

- Read : 3 spiritual development book



1. Transition off social media

- Well, more of this to come. :) But this year I'm transitioning off Instagram and Facebook. Yep! You heard me! (SCARY!) I will be documenting the step-by-step journey of building a business without these platforms - through other marketing tools, collaborations and the good ol' word of mouth. Why? Because I need it. and I think others do as well. 

2. Build a strong team

- It's time I stop trying to do it all and learn to allow others to help. I'm excited to learn communication, building a team to love others even harder. This year I will bring on an art director to help make training tools even better (and more visual! yay!) and a community supporter to make sure each email is answered and question answered! 

3. Develop two new programs

- So excited about what is coming this year!! This Spring I'll be launching a personal finance course for couples! Eee! Because I believe there is power in being a team in your finances. Then this Fall you'll be seeing that lovely guide to annual planning I've been sneak peeking on my instagram stories! 


Image Via Pinterest

Image Via Pinterest



1. Hit Sales goal

- Focus on the next step, the next launch, the next product (don't get caught looking too far ahead). 

- Monthly money dates to create monthly income report and track progress towards sales goal 

2. Stick to cash allowance (personal finances)

- Weekly ATM withdrawals

- Spend cash only to KNOW we are not overspending 

3. Give back BIG!

- Find an organization to partner with.

- Goal is $15,000 to give away by end of year! 

BOOKS FOR THE YEAR (12 total) 

Here are my 1st quarter books ::

January : IT STARTS WITH FOOD in prepartion for Whole 30

February : LAUNCH by Jeff Walker

March : UNINVITED by Lysa Terkeurst


What are your plans for the year?

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