A look back ... 2016 in Review

Every New Year's Eve Kyle and I have a little tradition -- we head to our favorite little coffee shop, grab a peppermint latte and review our "highs and lows" from each quarter of the year. 

This quote never feels more true to me than in these moments of reflection. I typically have to pull out my calendar in order to remember what happened at the beginning of the year, and that was less that 12 months ago!


Quarter 1 //

High : Seeing the work I do impact so many in a positive way. 

Low : Losing my balance and having to re-establish routine. 

Quarter 2 //

High : Celebrating an achievement years in the making, Kyle graduating!

Low : Doubt and Fear. This season was characterized by a lot of unknown and not trusting in the Lord's provision like I wish I had. 

Quarter 3 //

High : Skidmore's Go West. A little highlights video Kyle made me for Christmas from our 10-week road trip below! 

Low : Too connected in a time of disconnect. 

Quarter 4 //

High : A new season + a new place to call home.  

Low : Learning to establish a new routine while not living in my own home. 

What a year! 

If you haven't already, I encourage you to take time to review your year. If you need a tool feel free to steal ours! It's incredible to remember back the highs and lows of each quarter. And for the reminder .... 

a lot can happen in a year! 

Tomorrow : A look forward. 2017 Goals + Dreaming Even Bigger. 

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