We were all sitting around the table. Five women. Five entrepreneurs. Five different industries. Five different life stages. As the topic of social media came up, I was fascinated by the conversation. You see, it hadn't been long since my heart was stirred in a different direction with social media. A direction I was terrified to go in.

"I wouldn't let her have Instagram", She shared. "All her friends at school have it and are stuck on their phones. She begged and begged and begged, and I continued to say no. Until the point she stopped begging. I thought 'Maybe she's ready now', and let her get it." "What happened next", I wondered? "Her spirit changed. A once happy 15 year old girl, got caught up in it. Many days I'd find her crying over her life and ask her 'who's life or who's stuff are you comparing yours too on social media, and believing yours isn't good enough?'"

Who’s life am I comparing my life too on social media causing me to believe my life isn’t good enough?

I'm not here to make social media out to be the bad guy, but I am here to start a conversation. If you've ever been effected by social media comparison in the past, join the conversation. Share in the comments below "HOW HAVE YOU OVERCOME  COMPARISON IN THE PAST?"

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