Remember back in the day, sitting in Chemistry class (was it chemistry class?) learning about the rules of cause and effect? One incident caused by the occurrence of another incident. Explaining outcomes by determining inputs.

In the business world this has been done for centuries as well. For example, when I worked in finance I was told, " You must do this many calls, that amount of meetings and ask this many people to buy per week or else you'll fail." They gave me the formula to succeed; Studied patterns that promised my future results.

Cause and effect. I mean, who doesn't want a formula to succeed?

These days we've got an abundance of them. Whether its Instagram courses promising your next million dollars or Facebook ads making you believe this product is the solution to everything lacking in your life. It's getting hard to sift through all the should-dos, to figure out the must do's. And it's becoming easier to believe our fate is up to following (or finding) the right rules.

Cause and Effect. 

The truth is, business is risky and definitely uncertain. The best thing we can do is to build a business we are proud of at the end of the day. One that reflects the way "I" define success. Otherwise, we might just end up with a pile of rules we tried to follow, and outcomes that just didn't measure up. 

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