Have you ever been on a vacation, totally present in the moment and then feel the urge to pick up your camera and capture the moment on Instagram stories? Have you ever been out having the most amazing time with friends and said "wait, pause. Re-do that so I can share it on Instagram"? It feels silly to say, but sometimes it feels like if I don't share it.... did it really happen? 

In trying to capture all the moments, are we losing being present in them?
— Shanna Skidmore

In today's world it feels like "being present" has been mistaken with "having a presence". And in the world of small business, it's easy to believe if I don't show up every day at the properly scheduled time with the perfectly fitting grid image .... I might just be forgotten. 

So is the time of local community selling out? Do you believe your business will be forgotten if you don't play by all the "online business" should dos? I'd love to hear your thoughts and fears on this in the comments below. Have you ever felt if you slow down, you'll be forgotten?


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