When social media is your main marketing strategy, going social media free requires a new strategy. Here is step one of mine : Telling the World.



1. Announce Social Media Free Experiment with video BLOG POST

2. Announce Social Media Free to newsletter February #skidmorechallenge followers. Link back to video blog post.

3. Create a space to document the journey. Soundcloud Podcast. (waiting for iTunes to approve podcast)

4. Record Video Announcement for instagram.

5. Write out step-by-step "Getting Prepped" to-dos. (detailed post coming soon on these steps)

6. Announce on Instagram with "goodbye" video.

7. Change Instagram Profile. Link back to video blog post on website.

8. Breathe.

The goal here is to create a new strategy for growing my small business OFF social media. My ideas are to filter all social media views back to website and then actually put effort into newsletter opt-ins. (For the first time ever!). It's a new strategy... or maybe a very old one. One I never focused on, but think I may have been missing out on this entire time.