Chasing Slow

Don't you feel it too? The treadmill. Speeding along. Quickly now, you wouldn't want to fall off.

Because what does falling off really mean? Being left behind? Being forgotten? Not measuring up. 

So we hustle. We chase the elusive "more". And like anyone who spends their life on the treadmill, we get tired. We grow weary. We wonder.... 

What would happen if I jump off the treadmill for a while? 

How to find the balance between ambition and contentment

1. PRACTICE GRATITUDE. Gratitude allows us to appreciate what we've already achieved instead of just moving on to the next milestone. It naturally brings a moment of rest. Calming the urge to continually hustle.

2. DEFINING ENOUGH. Defining an end game, a mountaintop, a specific goal allows you to celebrate in achieving it. Without defining our enough, our "success", we will continually keep hustling to keep up with everyone else's.

3. IDEA CHARTING. Instead of trying to do it all, pick one idea to pursue at a time. This will allow you to enjoy and perfect that idea, without being scattered and scurrying between all the ideas!


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Tell me in the comments below : WHAT SEASON ARE YOU IN RIGHT NOW? Are you in a season of ambition, excited about new ideas and new ventures? Or is this a season of contentment, resting in accomplishments you've already achieved and taking time to slow down a bit?