A friend once shared with me, “all women’s worry comes back to comparison or perfection.”

Yes and Yes. 

This past summer Kyle and I went to Mexico to celebrate his graduation and our five year journey! We were tucked away in the little remote city of Holbox, where shoes were scarce and traffic lights non-existent.

I was about four weeks away from launching The Blueprint Model for the very first time and I was a stressed out mess. I laid on the beach each day sipping piña coladas and reading Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”. As you can imagine I felt like a total hypocrite. But there were some incredible truths I learned from that book.

So how do you stop worrying and start living?

Tip 01 : Determine the worst possible outcome, and create a plan!

Tip 02 : Live in day-tight compartments

Tip 03 : Go have some fun! 

Life is what our thoughts make it. Thought Quote.png

What are some practical ways you've learned to overcome worry? I'd love for you to take a minute and SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW so we can tackle this problem or worry worry worry warts together! 


Resources from today's video : Dale Carnegie's, How to stop worrying and start living.