Today I say goodbye to the scroll

I say Goodbye to the COMPARISON. I say goodbye to the NOISE. I say goodbye to the FEAR. Goodbye to SCARCITY. Goodbye to feeling FORGOTTEN.

And at the very same time I'm saying HELLO.

Hello to being present. Hello to building a business a new way (or should I say the old way?), Hello to figuring out other marketing platforms. To believing there is ENOUGH, and I am ENOUGH. 

For one year, I'm getting off social media. 

You can follow the journey here, where I'll be documenting the 1st of each month with video updates. Or you can follow the journey weekly on the podcast BUT COULD YOU GIVE IT UP? I'll be sharing my story of learning to build a small business outside the world of social media. I'll share the complete list of parameters and rules, how I prepped to go social media free, what I'm doing instead.... and What happens. Emotionally. Financially. Physically. Spiritually. Mentally. Professionally. 

But first, Let me tell you WHY

It's probably different than you think.... Or maybe not so much. 

1. I'm tired of believing social media is a make it or break it platform.

2. I'm tired of feeling rushed or behind when others come out with products faster than me. This is not my jam.

3. I can't handle the bombardment of sales ads anymore.

4. I'm over the drama.

5. I'm tired of the rollercoaster of emotions, feelings of success and failure dictated by whats happening or not happening on a tiny little screen. And because my husband will appreciate the end of the bi-polar emotional ride. 

6. I think there is a better way.....

7. And I feel called to pioneer that way. 

And on the flip side, what it's not about... 

1. It's not against social media. Per se. 

2. If you love social media, more power to you! No judgment here. 

3. I'm not saying social media isn't a great way to boost your business. Hence the fear in leaving... I just think there has to be another and better way for those of us who don't jive well with the not-so-amazing part of social media. 

Better yet, Why don't you just listen in... and I'll tell you. 

You can find more of the journey documented in monthly video format under SOCIAL MEDIA FREE.

Or weekly updates on the podcast BUT COULD YOU GIVE IT UP?

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If you're following along, Will you tell me in the COMMENTS BELOW?

I'm scared.

Today, is bittersweet.