Blueprint Retreat is an annual planning retreat designed to be a place where thoughtfulness, planning and intentionality meet; Created to get you OUT of your business in order to work ON your business. A place for creative businessWOMEN to come, relax, reflect, renew, learn and PLAN!



Interested in joining us in 2016?

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A builder doesn't start building without a blueprint, nor an engineer without a design, nor a pilot without a flight plan. Yet, so many of us jump into our lives and businesses without a path in mind and then get upset when we end up in a place we don't want to be. If we look at our actions, can we really say they are leading us in the direction we want to go? We want more time with our family, yet our to-do list is too long. We want to be fit and healthy, yet we don't get enough sleep and eat out for convenience. We want time to nurture relationships, yet our workload overtakes our friend time. 

If you instead want to live life by design, define your adventure and choose actions that lead to desired goals - BluePrint retreat is for you! 

Creating an annual plan is more than writing down goals. It is about digging deep into your heart's desire, reviewing historic data to learn and grow, and setting trackable + achievable goals in order to truly measure progress along the way. Annual planning is about aligning your vision with your actions and bringing about LIFE CHANGE!