Pricing for Creatives

Is your scheduled overextended from all the "great opportunities" you said yes too? Do you look at your calendar and wonder if clients will ever pay full price? Do you cringe every time you send an emailed quote, almost apologizing for the price before they even have a chance to say no? In 2010 I started researching the top reasons why businesses fail... You know one of the number one reasons? Emotional pricing! Knowing the why behind your price is the first step to finding confidence in the price you charge. So in 2015 I partnered with If I Made to develop a online course all about pricing. I cover pricing styles, how to overcome emotional pricing as well as tackle some of those big questions we are all asking such as "should I list my pricing on my website?" If you've been updating your pricing guide for about a year and just can't seem to nail down the right amount for your packages .... this is the course for you!